At Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry, Dr. Stephen P. Eriksen and his team work routinely with patients experiencing dysfunction of their temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. This joint is what connects the upper and lower jaw and allows us to open and close the mouth to eat, speak, or yawn. When the muscles and joint become problematic, they can cause the jaws to lock and pain that impacts one’s daily quality of life. This condition, known as temporomandibular joint disorder, is treatable with the help of our dental team. Below are just a few of the TMD treatment options available in our Walnut Creek, California area facility:

  • Nightguards – chronic tension in the jaw can cause not only pain around the joint, but damage natural teeth and dental restorations due to clenching and grinding, or bruxism. By wearing custom-made mouthguards and nightguards, patients can reduce damage as well as tension that can contribute to chronic pain.
  • TENS muscular bite registration – using a TENS unit several times a day can help relax the muscles around the TMJ and provide some relief from tension. This device is easy to use and can provide treatments without the use of medication or pharmaceuticals.
  • Botox injections – Botox is a neuromodulator that is often used for cosmetic enhancement of the face. However, it can also be used for treatment of TMD. This neuromodulator reduces muscle contractions that can contribute to pain and discomfort from the temporomandibular joint. Injections are done right in our office with our trained and experienced staff.
  • Photobiomodulation – another option is that of photobiomodulation. This is a noninvasive treatment for pain management that uses visible-red to near-infrared light energy. This low-level light energy stimulates the cells of the body to heal by relieving pain and reducing inflammation. This makes it an effective solution against TMD and can be combined with other treatment options for optimum results.

Interested in treatment for TMD?

Speak to Dr. Stephen P. Eriksen of Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry to book a consultation visit with the team and determine if TMD treatment can help. We are located at 2021 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite #A2 in Walnut Creek, California and our primary phone is (925) 962-2120 for scheduling an appointment.