Visiting a Walnut Creek, California dentist to find out that you need a dental crown can be disappointing to some patients. This is especially true when they discover their dentist cannot provide same-day restorations. Fortunately, Dr. Stephen P. Eriksen and his team at Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry can! Same-day dental crowns are completed using a special process known as CEREC, allowing patients to get their dental restoration created and bonded in place during the same appointment. Same-day CEREC dental crowns are made in-house to dentist specifications with the use of the CEREC Omni-cam and EMax dental crowns.

  • CEREC Omni-Cam – after a tooth that will be covered with a dental crown is prepared by the dentist by removing a thin portion of tooth structure around the entire tooth, it is then scanned using the CEREC Omni-Cam to create 3D digital impressions that are converted into the software to prepare for creating the dental crown.
  • EMax dental crowns – Dr. Stephen P. Eriksen is proud to use EMax dental crowns in his facility. These crowns are a type of all-ceramic that are made from a material called lithium disilicate. This material is known for its strength and appearance, making it the perfect material for dental restorations such as crowns. They are slightly translucent, just like natural tooth enamel, making them the ideal option for dental crowns—especially those placed near the front of the smile. They can address teeth that are stained, broken, have undergone root canal therapy, or that are crooked. These crowns match the patient’s natural tooth color, provide excellent strength and durability, and preserves more of the natural tooth structure ensuring better oral health and a stronger tooth.

Say “yes!” to same-day dental crowns at Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry

If you reside in the area of Walnut Creek, California and need a dental crown, do not go to a traditional dental facility where the process can take weeks to complete. Instead, work with Dr. Stephen P. Eriksen to discuss same-day CEREC crowns with the use of today’s amazing technology! Call the office at (925) 962-2120 to request a consultation visit with our team at 2021 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite A2. We accept new patients and families seeking comprehensive care from a team of experienced providers.