Preventive dentistry helps you avoid complex treatments

Keeping You and Your Teeth Healthy

Preserving your health and wellness is our top priority. Our goal is to prevent you from needing further dental work in the future. This is why Dr. Stephen Eriksen places such a great emphasis on preventative dentistry, oral cancer screenings, and occlusal adjustments. We want to help you maintain excellent oral health and if necessary, provide early detection and treatment of any infection or decay, before extensive treatment is required.

Teeth That Last a Lifetime

Preventive measures help you keep your teeth, gums, and bone healthy throughout your lifetime. They also help you avoid uncomfortable and sometimes costly dental procedures in the long-term.

Maintaining a healthy mouth video

Dr. Eriksen provides:

  • Regular dental checkups
  • Professional cleanings
  • Brushing and flossing instruction
  • Patient education

Screenings and Bite Therapy

Oral Cancer Screenings for Early Detection

Sometimes, cysts or lesions can develop in the mouth. These changes may not necessarily indicate the presence of cancerous cells but should be examined by Dr. Eriksen so that early treatment can be provided when necessary. Screenings include a visual and tactile evaluation which may include a biopsy if any areas appear abnormal. Oral cancer screenings are typically performed once per year but are encouraged at any time that you notice a change in the way your mouth looks or feels.

Occlusal Adjustments When Your Bite Doesn’t Feel Right

Your upper and lower jaw should fit together comfortably but in some instances, your tooth structure can interfere, keeping your teeth from meeting properly. This interference may be caused by injured or fractured teeth, new crowns or fillings, or wear due to teeth grinding. If left untreated, this interference can lead to headache, neck pain, or even Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder. Dr. Eriksen can quickly and safely assess the source of the interference using articulating paper to identify the improper points of contact. Then, these points may be filed down so that your teeth can fit together properly.