There are many reasons why a Walnut Creek, CA, patients might lose a natural tooth. This is why restorative dentists such as Dr. Stephen Eriksen must have access to tooth replacement solutions for patients to consider. Dentures and partials are common ways to replace one or more teeth within the smile at Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry and continue to be an affordable way to do so.

What are the types of dentures available?

There are two varieties of dentures available at Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry, including:

  • Removable partial denture – removable partial dentures are made with a metal framework. They require existing teeth in place to ensure the appliance fits properly. Removable partial dentures can be used on the upper or lower arch and often replace one or more teeth within the smile.
  • Removable full denture – patients missing all their teeth in the upper and/or lower arch might benefit from the placement of a full denture. Full dentures include false teeth and gums made with high-quality acrylics. They are held in place by natural suction, the application of denture adhesives, or with several dental implants. These restorations are far more affordable than replacing each tooth with a dental implant.

Which restoration is right for me?

With different dentures available, patients must work with a restorative dentist who can make a recommendation based on a patient’s unique needs. During an initial evaluation, patients can ask their dentist about ways to replace missing teeth. If dentures are not right for a patient, alternatives such as dental implants or dental bridges may be discussed.

Considering dentures?

Now is the time to speak to a dental professional about dentures and alternative options to make the right choice for your smile. If you live in the Walnut Creek, CA, area and want to work with Dr. Stephen Eriksen and his staff, call the office at (925) 962-2120 to request a consultation visit. We can evaluate you to determine which tooth replacement option is appropriate for you and your lifestyle and help you restore your appearance, dental health, and function with a natural-looking, affordable solution.