We Treat Patients Like Family

We know that you have options for dental care but we feel that we are uniquely qualified to care for your smile. We want to make your visit with us as pleasant as possible which is why we have assembled a caring team of professionals who are committed to improving the health of your smile as well as your overall health. Our friendly staff is a local team, all from the area around Walnut Creek, CA. We live and work in the same community as you and your family.

We also take education seriously. For us, it does not end with a degree. New research and technologies are created all of the time and may offer you a better experience or better results. We want to make sure that we are providing you with the best care available anywhere so we are committed to continuing education.

Why Choose Us?

We treat patients like family

We know that you have options for dental care but we feel that we are uniquely qualified to care for your smile.

Why choose us video

Advanced Treatments

One of the innovative technologies that we offer you is laser dentistry. Dr. Stephen Eriksen has invested in the WaterLase, Fotona Lightwalker and the Diode Laser – technologies that replaces the dental drill and the scalpel for improved patient results, faster healing times and no contracindications.  Patients always feel at ease knowing that we have the technology to ensure comfortable procedures in the dental chair. 

  • Fotona Lightwalker – one of the favorite devices used by Dr. Stephen Eriksen at Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry for many procedures including:
    • Placing fillings without injections and anesthetic – thereby painfree
    • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face
    • Used for treatments such as gum surgery, root canal therapy
    • Stimulating lip collagen for aesthetic smiles
  • Biolase Watelase iPlus – is also used for
    • Fillings with no injection of anesthetic, no drill, patient feel no pain
    • Gum pocket sterilization for patients with periodontal disease
  • Diode laser – a device that is used for
    • Surgical and dental procedures
    • Teeth whitening treatments
    • Providing gum pocket sterilization to treat patients diagnosed with periodontal disease

Benefits of these technologies include:

  • No drills or scalpels
  • Less need for anesthetic or needles
  • Faster healing times
  • No contraindications
  • Greater precision
  • Shorter and fewer dental visits