If you have ever been to the oral care aisle in your local drugstore, you know how overwhelming it can be to shop for dental products. In addition to Waterpik, floss, and toothpaste, the patient can also purchase teeth whitening treatments. However, many of these treatments available over the counter in the Walnut Creek, California, area fail to provide the results patients desire. Individuals who want both safe and effective whitening are encouraged to speak to their dentist about professional teeth whitening options.

How does teeth whitening work?

With the use of powerful active ingredients, patients can brighten their smile dramatically with the help of professional-strength options. At the practice of Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry, Dr. Stephen Eriksen is excited to offer two methods of whitening that include in-office whitening with our powerful bleaching gels, and comfortable customized trays and prescription-strength gels for home use.

  • In-office whitening – Our in-office whitening provides same-day results for patients who want to brighten their smile quickly and easily. Our dental team administers this treatment to ensure safety and efficiency. Most patients who have in-office whitening completed will find that the results are long-lasting and avoid sensitivity often found with over-the-counter products. The brand used is the Zoom 3 whitening system.
  • Take-home whitening – Alternatively, patients who are seeking a more affordable option with gradual results may instead want to ask about our take-home whitening kits. These include customized trays made from impressions of the patient’s smile for optimum fit and function. Patients obtain whitening gel from our team and use it along with their trays to brighten their teeth each day for more natural, gradual results.

Ready to whiten your smile?

Call (925) 962-2120 today to request a consultation visit with Dr. Stephen Eriksen of Walnut Creek Laser Dentistry. His team of professionals is here to help patients with a wide range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry needs to help them reach their smile goals. If you are located Walnut Creek, CA, and want to enjoy comprehensive dental care under one roof, call his facility and visit him at 2021 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite A2, to book an appointment. New and current patients are encouraged too.